4 Most Common Types of Denim Alterations

The perfect-fitting jeans seems like a fairytale, and finding them can be hard.

It can be even more disappointing when you have tried on dozens of brands, sizes and models.  We understand that jeans need to fit your figure well, and are delighted to share that a pair of jeans can be altered too.

Here is what you need to know about 4 most common types of denim alterations.

  1. Hemming

If a pair of jeans are too long, it will distort the overall shape of the look.  The fabric might bunch up at the top of your shoes, and you are also more likely to step on the fabric and stumble.

If you would like to get your jeans altered, don’t forget to bring the shoes that you usually wear, to ensure that measurements are correct.

When we shorten jeans, we use chalk or pins to determine the exact length.  Hemming jeans for more than one or two inches might involve changing the form of the leg, which is tricky when you are working with flared denims or with a bootcut.  Where damaged jeans come into play, they will have to be cut in a manner that looks like it belongs in the style.

Internal or inside hems are a good option for individuals who would prefer not to hem their jeans. 

  1. Tapering

You have found a pair of jeans that fit your waistline nicely, but the thighs are too big.  Or you might have a pair of straight-leg jeans that you would like to change into skinny-fit jeans.  The professional team at Exclusive Alterations can easily do this for you.

  1. Baggy Seat Alterations

A difficult alteration to make is when the seat is too baggy.  It should be avoided, as it takes time, but if you have failed to locate a pair of jeans with a well-fitting seat, the Exclusive Alterations team are here for you, and you can contact them for more information regarding alterations costs and options.

  1. Waist

A waistline that is slack usually goes hand in hand with a well-fitting seat.  If you find yourself picking your jeans up numerous times a day, you might want to opt for a tighter pair of trousers instead.  Belts are also an easy answer for this problem, but having the waist altered makes for a more stylish look.

Have the waist brought in by a tailor is definitely achievable, but requires a more delicate technique.  Jeans do not have seats or waists that are easily adjusted, and leaves more room for mistakes and less room to let it out.  

If you are looking for a professional tailor in London, don’t hesitate to contact the Exclusive Alterations team.

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