4 Outdated Rules of Fashion that shouldn’t apply today

Every man wants to look and feel good. To try and look well-dressed and put together, many men opt to invest in a suit.

Suits are a classic option for men, a timeless wardrobe staple for any occasion. There were many strict rules in the past if you wanted to own a suit yourself, but being in the 22nd century means that these rules are now outdated.

Today, you can feel free to wear a unique suit, matching it to your personality.

Here are 4 outdated fashion rules:

Rule 1: No Hats Indoors

It is considered good practice to take of one’s hate when entering a building, but there are exceptions. In public areas, like elevators, airports, train stations and malls, keeping your hat on is acceptable. However, it is good manners to remove them when in a shop, restaurant or office. If you’re ever in doubt, go without.

Rule 2: Don’t Mix Blue, Brown, and Black

In the past, in times when fashion was stricter, it was frowned upon to mix brown, blue, or black. Today, however, you receive more freedom to style your wardrobe the way you want to.

You can mix these colours, and even toss in a few more. Pair your navy-blue pants with a grey jacket and a button shirt, and you’ll achieve a sleek yet fun look.

Rule 3: Stick to Traditional Colours Only

This rule needs to go, because who doesn’t love a suit that was spiced up with some colour. You don’t need to buy a dark suit if that doesn’t fit your personality. Add a pattern to stand out. Just ensure that you take care where you wear your suit. A bright green suit wouldn’t be appropriate for a business meeting, for example.

Rule 4: No White After Labour Day

This rule didn’t make any sense when it came out two centuries ago, nor does it make sense today. Now some of the most stylish suits are made of white fabric and can be worn at any time of the year.

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