4 tips for help you rock your white suit

A white suit is a unique choice for those who like to stand out, and perhaps got a bit bored of the classical black style.

Here are four tips to make you and your suit stand out.

1. Wear the Right Shoes

The majority of suit wearers assume that white shoes are the best choice, they may think like this due to the choice of black shoes being worn with black suits. The matching white garments, however, do not go well together.

Wearing white shoes will make it seem like you are wearing a tall boot, and not a pretty sight either. Rather opt for something that contrasts with the colour.  Darker colours, such as all-black shoes, are the way to go. Brown is also an option.

2. Press the White Suit

White suits show wrinkles and creases much easier than their darker counterparts. The last thing you want to happen is to wear your white suit to a special event, only to later discover that you look like pieces or stacked paper.

To circumvent an embarrassing moment, check the label on your suit and iron it of you are allowed to. If it doesn’t support ironing, then opt for the dry cleaners. It’s a more expensive option, but it is money well spent.

3. Avoid a White Shirt

Like the above advice of avoiding wearing white shoes, the notion stands for white shirts as well. The shirt will make it look like you are wearing a one piece.

Wearing a darker colour that matches your shoes are the way to go for a bold look that will impress anyone.

Just like how you should avoid wearing white shoes, you should also avoid wearing a white shirt under the suit. Doing so will make everything look blended into one piece, and nothing about that is aesthetically pleasing. Because of that, wear a dark colour instead of a shirt. If you want to keep a simple theme, wear a dark colour that matches your dark-coloured shoes. It will create a bold look that will impress everybody.

4. Watch Out for Stains

Stains are a regular issue when it comes to wearing white. The light fabric quickly shows stains, and much more obviously than other colours.

When you are out on the town, avoid situations where you might end up with a stained suit, and keep a pack of wet wipes close by for easy stain removal.

A white suit makes a statement and shows just how fearless an individual is. For your very own tailored white suit, contact the Exclusive Alterations team.

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