A Wedding Gown Hemming Guide

Every bride has a vague idea of what her ideal wedding dress hem looks like.  It’s ultimately up to personal taste, but there are some styles and ideas that are popular.  The perfect hem should be only slightly touching the floor; this ensure that you do not trip or stumble when in your gown.

Here are some frequently asked questions on wedding dress hems.

Will my shoes be visible once my dress has been hemmed?

This depends on the shape of your wedding dress.  In the majority of case, you will not be able to see your shoes when standing erect.  You should only see them when you take a step.

Will my train be cut off when my dress is hemmed?

There is no need to trim any fabric from your train unless that is what you want. The front hem will have a small amount of material cut off when it is tailored in order to finish the front hem.

What if I go from high heels to flats for my wedding reception?

Flat shoes are increasingly popular in the modern times.  However, you need to remember that hemming will here be the most difficult part.  It is advised that the bride wears shoes with the same heel heigh during her big day.  You can choose whether or not to wear flats or heels all day.  Going from heels to flat will mean that your dress will be too long during the ceremony and the festivities.

Going from flats to heels will have the opposite effect – switching to heels for the banquet will give you more freedom to dance, but your shoes will be visible.

The front border of the longest side should be one inch off the floor, to give the bride enough room to walk without fear of falling or stumbling.

How do tailors at Scorpio Atelier hem a dress with lace or beaded hem?

Our professional team knows how to uplift beading and lace trim on the bottom of the dress.  After lace and beading are remove, the dress is hemmed and fabric is replaced. It is time-consuming aspect of altering a wedding gown. 

Nearly every wedding gown can be hemmed, but it is vital to consult your tailor first, as some alterations might be more costly than others.

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