Here at Exclusive Alterations London we offer exactly that, affordable wedding dress alterations in London. This is an extremely popular and specialist service requiring the skills and scrupulous attention of an experienced tailor. There can be no compromise when it comes to the wedding dress; it has to be a comfortable fit and it has to look absolutely stunning! As do, of course, the bridesmaids dresses. A dress of any description, no matter how stylish, will become an irritant should it be uncomfortable or ill-fitting; the bride’s dress and the bridesmaids’ dresses really take center stage on what promises to be a joyous and memorable day. The dresses have to be absolutely spot on!

However, the reality is that, on occasions, a dress, as magnificent as it may be, just doesn’t quite fit, it needs to be taken in or let out a smidgen here or there perhaps? Maybe the bride is slightly uncomfortable with the length of the sleeves or she wishes she could lose those annoying loose straps. Sometimes it’s the little things that annoy the most, however, these little things can, in the hands of an expert tailor, be put right. Exclusive Alterations London has vast experience when it comes to clothing alterations, we offer a personal fitting service and consultation. We listen to our client’s requirements and concerns and gradually devise a solution that will ensure all those little niggles are ironed out. The finished dress will ultimately feel more comfortable and look just perfect!

About affordable wedding dress alterations in London:

Exclusive Alterations London also offer the same meticulous service for all garments, be that, men’s suits, trousers, coats or any other dresses or gowns. We, furthermore, undertake clothing repairs; the virtually invisible fixing of tears and rips.

In conclusion, the alteration services offered by Exclusive Alterations London are extremely competitively priced and completed to the highest possible standards! Most of our fittings take place at our London premises, however, a home visit is not out of the question. Please check out this site, see our range of services and visit our gallery. And, remember we give a precise quote for your approval before proceeding with any alterations or repairs.

So, for affordable wedding dress alterations in London make an appointment with us … Exclusive Alterations London!

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