A Guide to Tailors offering Alteration Services in London

Professional alterations to the clothing of any description, from suits to dresses, has become a popular money saving and recycling option. There are, as you’d expect, many excellent tailors offering alteration services in London, and we, Exclusive Alterations London, are included in that elite mix.

Many perfectly beautiful garments are thrown merely because ‘they don’t quite fit’ or ‘there’s a small rip on the label’. That really is such a waste of fine clothes; clothes that can easily be repaired or re-shaped for that once again perfect fit! An experienced tailor will be able to see, almost instinctively, what alterations or embellishments are needed based on the client’s requirements. For example, should the customer dislike the sleeves on her wedding dress then the sleeves can be removed or replaced with a more appropriate fabric and style Or, a plain dress could be embellished and dramatically transformed by a sprinkling of shimmering crystals or beads. The smallest of alterations can make a huge difference; be that a slight lengthening of sleeves or replacement of buttons on a waistcoat. Repairs to coats, jackets, and dresses can prove particularly effective, rips and tears can, almost literally, be made to disappear.

Exclusive Alteration services in London:

Exclusive Alterations London specialize in all types of alterations and repairs to a whole range of garments. We are tailors offering alteration services in London and that extends to a wedding dress fitting service. The fitting can take place at our London office or we may be able to arrange a home visit. Either way, attention will be paid not only to aesthetics but also to comfort. The fit and feel of your dress will be carefully assessed prior to recommendations as to the alterations required. The wedding gown has to be the perfect comfortable fit; bearing in mind that the wedding day is quite often a long day.

At Exclusive Alterations London we pride ourselves on the quality of our workmanship, our creative skills and, most importantly, the personal attention we give each and every customer.Yes, we are among the many tailors offering alteration services in London, but very few can best our attention to detail and customer commitment. Please take time to view all our services and, especially, check out our gallery. We look forward to hearing from you.

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