How to Find the Best Wedding Dress for Your Body Type – Exclusive Alterations Guide

Knowing your body type is essential if you want to find the best wedding dress for your special day. If you understand your body type, you will find the right wedding dress that will accentuate your best features while hiding your flaws.

An inappropriate choice of a wedding dress can result in your bridal attire emphasizing the problem areas of your body and you frowning at your wedding day pictures for the rest of your life.

Follow our guide below on how to choose the right wedding dress for your body type.


Identify Your Body Type

Before choosing wedding dress shapes and styles, you need to find out what your body type is:
• Pear – your shoulders are narrower than your hips, and you carry the majority of your weight in your thighs and hips.
• Hourglass – your hips and shoulders are roughly the same size, but you have a clearly delineated waist.
• Apple – you carry your weight in the middle of the body. Apples have good body proportions, but their weight is concentrated around their waist. People with this body type are more likely to have wide shoulders and back, as well as slender legs.
• Athletic – slender athletic body type is characterized by relatively narrow hips, a slim waist, and well-defined shoulders.
• Full-chested – you have a curvy body, full breasts, and round hips.

Once you know your body shape, look for a wedding dress that can accentuate your positive features.


Hourglass Body Type

• Corset style or mermaid wedding dresses are made to accentuate your natural curves. For hourglass brides, a comfortable fit-and-flare wedding gown is also a stunning option.
• If a ball gown wedding dress appeals to you, choose one with a structured bodice and a sumptuous skirt to highlight your hourglass body shape silhouette.
• Do not choose loose-fitting wedding dresses, which tend to hide your natural shape.

Pear Body Type

• Find the ideal wedding dress for your body type by focusing on the bodice: ornaments and specifics to accentuate your midsection, which helps to accentuate your waist
• Ball gown wedding dresses suit many body types, but we believe they are an ideal choice for a pear-shaped body.
• If you want to draw attention to your best features, show off your hips.


Athletic Body Type

• If you are a bride with an athletic body type, find a sexy silhouette like a slimming A-line or fit-and-flare wedding dress.
• Work with angles: a unique neckline, swirls of beading and embellishments, and a tiered skirt help to add visual interest to your silhouette.
• Show off your toned arms and shoulders with a halter top or strapless wedding dress.
• Opt for a full feminine skirt, as with a classic ball gown wedding dress, which can help add some more curves to your frame. It will make your hips appear wider, and balance out the top half of your figure.


Full-Chested Body Type

• If you have a full-chested figure, look for wedding dresses with wider straps or sleeves to help support your bust and conceal bra straps.
• When looking for the ideal wedding dress for your body type, consider the accentuated neckline. A plunging, portrait, or off-the-shoulder neckline can conceal strapless bras while also flattering your natural curves.
• Opt for a wedding dress with a high back or bustier to conceal the bra. Simply wear nude garments underneath for covert support.


Apple Body Type

• Choose a dress with a high waist that sits just below the bust with a thinner skirt. The high waistline draws attention away from your midsection and toward your upper body parts, hiding problem areas.
• Choose V-necklines to make your shoulders appear narrower and to show off some cleavage.
• Open necklines balance and accentuate wider shoulders, as well as the bust. Ball gowns are a great option for apples because they create a subtle contour around your bust area, emphasizing your waist.

At Exclusive Alterations London, we understand the desire for perfection, especially on such an important day. We will assist you in finding the dress that ideally suits your body type and will customize your wedding gown according to your preferences.

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