A Guide to Bridal Dress Alterations in London:

It’s really frustrating! You have a beautiful wedding dress that just doesn’t look quite right. Perhaps the sleeves are a tad too long? Or maybe it could do with taking in a bit here and letting out a bit there? You might not be able to put your finger on the problem, but you know something’s wrong. It could be, of course, somewhat obvious, a tear or bad stitching that stands out like the proverbial sore thumb. Whether it’s obvious or just a niggling doubt there are two solutions to your dilemma; the first is to start all over again by ordering a new gown, or the second, more sensible option, to get advice from an experienced bridal tailor, such as Exclusive Alterations London. We specialize in bridal dress alterations in London. We save our clients hundreds of pounds by restoring that all important dress to its elegant best.


Exclusive Alterations London offer a full range of specialist tailoring solutions, our alteration services do not only apply to bridal dresses but also extends to all men’s and ladies wear. We offer exemplary one-to-one service whether that be for superb bridal dress alterations in London or any other tailoring requirement. Exclusive Alterations London is a well-established business, we have an impressive clientele base backed-up with many glowing testimonials; we are situated in the Islington / Angel and, importantly, our alteration services represent exceptional value for money … without compromise! We work to very high standards, employing only experienced and talented tailors; tailors with all the traditional skills and innovative vision. We can create a tailoring masterpiece from your lovely dress, the one that currently just doesn’t look or feel quite right.

Our Bridal Dress Alterations in London:

At Exclusive Alterations London we understand the desire for perfection especially when it comes to that all so very special day; our alteration services extend to include most attire, including suits. We offer high-quality services that range from alterations to start from scratch bespoke garments. So, remember, for bridal dress alterations in London, indeed for an accomplished tailor in London, look no further, you are here.


Should you be considering having alterations made to your bridal dress, then take a moment to browse our site, you’ll find examples of our work and plenty of inspiration. If you have any queries then we’re always on hand to help, just follow our ‘contact’ link. We look forward to hearing from you.

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