A Guide to Bridesmaids’ Dress Alterations, London

The big day belongs to the bride, however the success of whole occasion is dependent upon the part played by the entire bridal entourage, not least the bridesmaids. The bridesmaids’ role at a wedding has historical connotations dating back to the times of ancient Rome. Their dresses had to be virtual copies of the bride’s dress, why? To confuse and ward off any spiteful, envious spirits who may have evil intent towards the bride and groom. This ‘rule’ also extended to the attendant groomsmen who were expected to dress like the groom. Nowadays, it is sufficient for the bridesmaids dress alterations in london and men’s suits to compliment the bride and groom’s clothing in style, colour and quality purely for aesthetic effect; unless of course one believes in such mischievous demons!


Frequently, adjustments have to be made to bridal wear to ensure that perfect look. The skilled hands of a competent tailoring craftsman can breathe new life into an ‘ailing’ dress, transforming it from the ordinary to the extraordinary. And that’s why Exclusive Alterations offer bridesmaids dress alterations in London; we have all the experience with more than two decades of impeccable trading, and, a reputation for excellence. Our exclusive alterations service is thorough and thoughtful, we will listen to your requirements and advise accordingly. If it can be fixed we can fix it!


Our Bridesmaids Dress Alterations in London includes:


Our exclusive alteration service includes; general re-styling, taking in and letting out, alteration to straps, the addition of a bustle or even bust cups etc. Furthermore, Exclusive Alterations London offers a garment repair service; blemishes and tears can be fixed, restoring the vestment to its formal glory. No one will ever spot the repair.Exclusive Alterations London  do not only offer bridesmaids dress alterations in London but also alterations and repairs to all manner of clothing, at, it must be said, most competitive prices!


In conclusion, it makes complete sense to explore the alteration option whether that be for a dress or a man’s suit; Exclusive Alterations London have all thefinesse and necessary skills required. It is our mission to fulfil your every requirement tempered with, of course, a smidgen of helpful advice.

Bear in mind that our alteration services also extends to bridal dresses and men’s suits! Should you have an issues with your wedding attire then please contact Exclusive Alterations London by phone or via the ‘enquiries’ link.

Bridesmaids dress alterations in london