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Here is all you need to know about the biggest wedding trends of 2021 & 2022.

  1. Corsetry

The lingerie-style bodice will be popular in 2021 & 2022. Corsetry, as opposed to tie-backs, focuses mainly on bodice boning. Consider rib-skimming lines that draw the eye to the waist, as well as experimenting with intricate fabrics such as delicate tulle and abundant embellishment.

Modern technology and developments in shapewear design have made boned bodice comfortable to wear, so you should not be concerned about discomfort if you want to indulge.

2. Ruffles   

With the resurgence of larger wedding ceremonies, now is the ideal time to wear a heavily adorned gown. Ruffles will add an exquisite flair and dimension to your gown, turning it into a fairy-tale piece of art, And it doesn’t get more maximalist than this frilly, brazenly extra detail. A ruffled skirt is both grandiose and fashionable. If you don’t like too much volume, you should consider a simplified silhouette with delicate ruffle details.

3. Floral Motifs

While beautiful and picturesque floral motifs are a classic addition to wedding gowns, voluminous details such as three-dimensional flowers and lace give this long-standing trend a delicate update.

4. Off the Shoulder Sleeves

Alluring and romantic off-the-shoulder wedding gowns are intended to make a stylish yet ageless bridal statement.

Choose a classic silhouette like a slim ball gown or a relaxed fit-and-flare for a graceful feminine flair, then let your delicate off-the-shoulder cap-sleeves create a delicate frame for your shoulders.

Laced off-the-shoulder wedding dresses with long sleeves are a popular option for brides who prefer a retro look. A feminine bridal gown looks extremely delicate when matched up with a seductive skintight silhouette and exposed shoulders.

Add crystal embellishments and lace motifs for a more opulent look.

5. Square Necklines

Square necklines, which were popular in the Renaissance era, have recently made a big comeback. Square necklines are typically matched with sleeveless straps, and they look stunning on gowns made of crisp, structured fabric.

The geometric neckline is an ageless classic that accentuates the collarbones and shoulders. This wedding gown trend suits any wedding style.

6. High Slits

High slits are elegant, feminine, and extremely fashionable. They have become an eye-catching bridal trend for wedding gowns. This fashionable accent is ideal for making a daring, feminine statement on your wedding day.

Wedding gowns with high slits are perfect for open-air ceremonies.

7. Transitional Pieces

The two-in-one wedding gowns are becoming increasingly popular. It is evidenced by the abundance of transitional pieces, such as detachable sleeves, capes, overskirts, toppers, coats in designer collections. 

Transitional pieces are a perfect addition to any wedding dress.

Wedding planning has always been associated with many unspoken rules and regulations to follow. Plush wedding dresses, beautiful venues with hundreds of guests, and traditional church ceremonies to name a few.

With the COVID-19 limitations of last year, we witnessed a significant rise in registration office weddings and the trend of brides choosing their modest registry office wedding dresses also reflected this shift.

The high street bridal fashion industry has seen a big boost in the last few years. With many different companies developing lines that appeal to brides or brides-to-be, the high street market is overflown with choices for you to consider for your registry office wedding dress.

If you are looking for a simple yet traditional registry office look we recommend you stick to these three timeless options with which you can never go wrong.

Maxi Registry Office Dresses

You may avoid the typical wedding dress look by picking a plain maxi for a civil ceremony. If you plan to have a traditional wedding celebration at a later date, we suggest picking a different look something different for your registry office ceremony to set it apart, perhaps a more ornate lace or tiered pattern.

When looking for something with a boho-inspired vibe, try a laced maxi dress. The minimalist cut is combined with lace details and pleated panels to balance out the basic design, while yet being simple and cheap.

Midi Registry Office Dresses

If you choose a midi dress, we recommend eliminating linen and cotton to make it a little bit more formal.

A white guipure lace midi dress with a square neckline is ideal for a registry office event. The square neckline gives the dress a true antique vibe, and the satin ribbon around the waist helps define it.

Also, consider a silk-satin halter neck midi dress that’s designed to complement the shoulders and the neckline. It also provides the ideal opportunity to flaunt your favorite pair of high heels.

Slip Registry Office Dresses 

Elegant, classic, and stylish slip gowns are ideal for a minimalist wedding appearance.

If you want something more sumptuous, you should choose silk-satin. This little white dress is just right for intimate gatherings. The attractive bias-cut descends to a split skirt, allowing you to show off your wedding shoes.

Whatever style you pick choose for your registry office ceremony, keep in mind that your dress should draw attention to your best features without being excessive.

The friendly and knowledgeable team at Exclusive Alterations will offer suggestions on embellishments for your simple registry office wedding dress to make it more stylish and unique.


After you have picked the wedding gown of your dreams, the next step is to choose the perfect wedding veil to go with it. If you are having a conventional wedding, a lengthy wedding veil is the ultimate accessory to compliment your bridal look.


Here are the 5 types of lengthy wedding veils that are an integral part of any traditional ceremony.


  1. Waterfall Veil 

A waterfall veil is a classical one-layer veil with waterfall-like edges that drop down like a waterfall.

The edges of a waterfall-shaped veil are fashioned in such a way that they flow and glide in a lovely back-and-forth motion. A strong edge trim, such as the silk or satin binding, helps to draw attention to this aesthetic effect. The waterfall style is a stunning wedding veil design. It is most suited to lengthier veils, since the longer the veil, the more the lateral contouring can be seen.


  1. Chapel Veil

The timeless chapel veil, also known as a congregation veil, exudes romance and grandeur. Being slightly shorter than cathedral wedding veils, they are frequently selected by brides who desire the impression of a trail without actually having one.

If your gown doesn’t have much of a trail or you want to save the trouble of bustle, a chapel-length veil can provide the illusion of a trail without adding more weight. This style is quite trendy among bohemian brides.


  1. Cathedral Veil


A cathedral wedding veil is the longest veil variety that will give an entirely royal image to any lady who decides to wear one on her special day.

A cathedral veil is often adorned with lace around the borders for dimension and density to retain its structure as you are walking down the aisle, adds an amazing fairy-tale flair to your ceremony.


  1. Waltz Veil


A waltz veil is a less traditional wedding veil than a cathedral-length veil since it is slightly shorter in length. This veil style is often referred to as a ballet veil or an ankle-length veil. The names ballerina veil and waltz veil date back refer to times when the newlyweds’ dance was an essential part of the ceremony. Since this veil is lighter, you may wear it from the wedding to the reception without fear of stumbling.


  1. Mantilla Veil

A mantilla bridal veil adds a classic, elegant accent to your dream wedding day ensemble. This Spanish-style oval veil has a thick lace edging and elaborate decorations flowing down the front, that’s generally thrown over the head, surrounding the bride’s face.

A mantilla veil is a one-tiered veil with no gathers. We stitch a clip to the top of the veil so that it can be placed on top of the head. Mantilla veils are also known as Spanish veils.

At Exclusive Alterations, we offer a wide range of wedding veil adjustments, from trimming to adding volume and matching the veil to the style of your dress.


Knowing your body type is essential if you want to find the best wedding dress for your special day. If you understand your body type, you will find the right wedding dress that will accentuate your best features while hiding your flaws.

An inappropriate choice of a wedding dress can result in your bridal attire emphasizing the problem areas of your body and you frowning at your wedding day pictures for the rest of your life.

Follow our guide below on how to choose the right wedding dress for your body type.


Identify Your Body Type

Before choosing wedding dress shapes and styles, you need to find out what your body type is:
• Pear – your shoulders are narrower than your hips, and you carry the majority of your weight in your thighs and hips.
• Hourglass – your hips and shoulders are roughly the same size, but you have a clearly delineated waist.
• Apple – you carry your weight in the middle of the body. Apples have good body proportions, but their weight is concentrated around their waist. People with this body type are more likely to have wide shoulders and back, as well as slender legs.
• Athletic – slender athletic body type is characterized by relatively narrow hips, a slim waist, and well-defined shoulders.
• Full-chested – you have a curvy body, full breasts, and round hips.

Once you know your body shape, look for a wedding dress that can accentuate your positive features.


Hourglass Body Type

• Corset style or mermaid wedding dresses are made to accentuate your natural curves. For hourglass brides, a comfortable fit-and-flare wedding gown is also a stunning option.
• If a ball gown wedding dress appeals to you, choose one with a structured bodice and a sumptuous skirt to highlight your hourglass body shape silhouette.
• Do not choose loose-fitting wedding dresses, which tend to hide your natural shape.

Pear Body Type

• Find the ideal wedding dress for your body type by focusing on the bodice: ornaments and specifics to accentuate your midsection, which helps to accentuate your waist
• Ball gown wedding dresses suit many body types, but we believe they are an ideal choice for a pear-shaped body.
• If you want to draw attention to your best features, show off your hips.


Athletic Body Type

• If you are a bride with an athletic body type, find a sexy silhouette like a slimming A-line or fit-and-flare wedding dress.
• Work with angles: a unique neckline, swirls of beading and embellishments, and a tiered skirt help to add visual interest to your silhouette.
• Show off your toned arms and shoulders with a halter top or strapless wedding dress.
• Opt for a full feminine skirt, as with a classic ball gown wedding dress, which can help add some more curves to your frame. It will make your hips appear wider, and balance out the top half of your figure.


Full-Chested Body Type

• If you have a full-chested figure, look for wedding dresses with wider straps or sleeves to help support your bust and conceal bra straps.
• When looking for the ideal wedding dress for your body type, consider the accentuated neckline. A plunging, portrait, or off-the-shoulder neckline can conceal strapless bras while also flattering your natural curves.
• Opt for a wedding dress with a high back or bustier to conceal the bra. Simply wear nude garments underneath for covert support.


Apple Body Type

• Choose a dress with a high waist that sits just below the bust with a thinner skirt. The high waistline draws attention away from your midsection and toward your upper body parts, hiding problem areas.
• Choose V-necklines to make your shoulders appear narrower and to show off some cleavage.
• Open necklines balance and accentuate wider shoulders, as well as the bust. Ball gowns are a great option for apples because they create a subtle contour around your bust area, emphasizing your waist.

At Exclusive Alterations London, we understand the desire for perfection, especially on such an important day. We will assist you in finding the dress that ideally suits your body type and will customize your wedding gown according to your preferences.

After you have found your perfect wedding dress, it is time to consider adding decorations, commonly known as embellishments.

There are plenty of embellishments available in a variety of shapes, colors, textures, sizes, and patterns to add a personal charm to your wedding gown.

Here is all you need to know about the most popular wedding gown embellishments.

  1. Appliques

Appliques are fabric cutouts sewn or glued onto garments by designers. Sometimes they have beading on them, but more often than not, they have lace or patterns made of silk ribbons or threads. Appliques add dimension to a plunging neckline, an open back, or a ruffled skirt.

Flower appliques may be added to the garment to produce a wide variety of styles. The size, shape, and color of the flowers all have a significant influence on their aesthetic appeal. Classic floral elements accentuate your femininity and add a romantic flair to your wedding day look.

Typically, appliques are white and are stitched onto transparent or nude-colored fabric on the gown. If you prefer a different look, you may consult Richard to understand the alternatives available with your specific dress. 

2. Embroidery  

Embroidery suits any silhouette or fabric. Embroidered decorations add a modern touch to traditional designs, and create dimension giving the garment a contemporary, one-of-a-kind appearance.

Edging is a popular type of embroidery commonly seen on the hem of the gown or the bottom of the sleeves.

3.   Beads  

Beading is often sewn close together to form shapes such as flowers, leaves, or other elements. Beads come in a range of shapes and sizes, allowing us to create a design that is as subtle or elaborate as you like. Consider adding them to the neckline or waistline for just a touch of decoration. However, if you want your dress to look truly spectacular, you need to opt for a fully beaded gown. White beading gives your dress a delicate flair, but women who wish to be more adventurous might use colorful beads to match their wedding colors. 

4. Pearls

Pearls are renowned wedding gemstones, so there could hardly be anything more suitable for adorning your wedding gown.  

You may ornament your whole bodice with pearls to achieve a luxurious look, or randomly attach them to your dress from the top to the hemline. Alternatively, you can accessories your dress with a brooch, a belt, or a necklace.    

5.   Sequins

Small sequins will add a subtle shimmer to your outfit, making it look more romantic. However, you should go with the larger sequins if you truly want to make a statement. They might even be a darker colour than your bridal gown. 

6. Paillettes

Paillettes are significantly bigger than sequins and are attached to the dress via holes at the top of each disc. Sequins are stitched into a garment, whereas paillettes are bigger and generally dangle off the cloth, adding movement as well as glitter.

7. Crystals

Crystals give a lovely glitter to an ivory or cream fabric, and they come in a variety of sizes and shades, allowing you to add or remove sparkle as desired. They are usually placed to the veil at equal intervals, although they can also be applied in patterns.  

Swarovski crystals add glitter, while topaz crystals bring a beautiful radiant sheen to the fabric of the dress. Alternatively, if you want some glitter but don’t want to spend a lot of money, go for nice little sequins rather than the more costly crystals.

8.   Ribbons 

Ribbons are another simple way to adorn a plain bridal gown. You’ve probably noticed that some wedding gowns use ribbons instead of waistbands. A silk ribbon will add some extra charm and festive flair to the garment.

If you are going to use a ribbon to adorn your waist by choosing a ribbon the same tone as the dress will keep its simple but elegant.

9.   Border Trims

If your wedding gown appears unfinished, you may wish to add a border. Border trim is lace, ribbon, fringe, or beading on the hem of a dress. Many women believe trim gives them the exquisite look they desire. These ornamental borders usually come in the form of ruffles, scallops, flowers, and braids.

10.   Fringe

Fringe is created by cutting a piece of cloth into numerous tiny strands. 

Brides who like a boho look may often add fringe to their sleeves or veil. When used throughout the garment, fringe may give it a bohemian flair.

Whatever style or arrangement of embellishments you pick, keep in mind that they should draw attention to your best features without being excessive.

Friendly and knowledgeable team at Exclusive Alterations will offer suggestions on embellishments, designs, fabrics, and colors to make your wedding gown elegant and unique.