No matter where you live in the UK there’s only one place to go for the absolute best dressmaking in london tailors; yes, that’s London; the hub of the tailoring industry and an iconic city with iconic and distinctive tailors of worldwide renown.

Exclusive Alterations London, specializes in bridal, men’s and ladies alterations, are very much a part of the London tailoring scene; our premises are located in the vibrant Business Design Centre. London tailors launched the concept of ‘fashion’, driven by the demands of the eighteenth-century gentry who wished to be seen well-heeled and well dressed in accordance with their social status. The suit soon became the standard dress option for all formal occasions! The bespoke suit was smart, practical and beautifully crafted. Long-tailed coats and foppish attire were soon assigned to the back of the wardrobe.

Our Women’s Dressmaking in London:

But what of women’s dressmaking in London? In truth, women, in centuries past, did not feature prominently in public life; nevertheless, the wealthy attended many prestigious social events that warranted both splendid suits and dresses. Women’s dress fashions were influenced in some part by the avant-gardestyles of French tailors, however, dressmaking in London gradually became more refined, more stylish and at times most daring.The lady’s dress has seen many changes in style over numerous decades, from high waistbands, ankle-length skirts and flowing gowns to sleek, clinging movie star masterpieces, it seemed as though all styling possibilities had been exhausted … then along came the miniskirt!

At Exclusive Alterations:

The fact is, today we see an extraordinary range of dress styles; certainly, dressmaking in London is alive and well, indeed thriving. The contemporary dress can be anything from a smart skirt with matching jacket to the daring plunging neckline of a sweeping elegant gown; and … the miniskirt still puts in an occasional appearance. Furthermore, these myriad of tailoring wonders are not only the preserve of socialites and celebrities, the high street shops are ablaze with latest designs and classic styles. Even the traditional train-burdened wedding dress has succumbed to the forces of contemporary fashion. Women’s fashion has never been so diverse and exciting, and we at Exclusive Alterations London intend to help keep it that way.


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