Exclusive Alterations Guide — 5 Types of Lengthy Wedding Veils

After you have picked the wedding gown of your dreams, the next step is to choose the perfect wedding veil to go with it. If you are having a conventional wedding, a lengthy wedding veil is the ultimate accessory to compliment your bridal look.


Here are the 5 types of lengthy wedding veils that are an integral part of any traditional ceremony.


  1. Waterfall Veil 

A waterfall veil is a classical one-layer veil with waterfall-like edges that drop down like a waterfall.

The edges of a waterfall-shaped veil are fashioned in such a way that they flow and glide in a lovely back-and-forth motion. A strong edge trim, such as the silk or satin binding, helps to draw attention to this aesthetic effect. The waterfall style is a stunning wedding veil design. It is most suited to lengthier veils, since the longer the veil, the more the lateral contouring can be seen.


  1. Chapel Veil

The timeless chapel veil, also known as a congregation veil, exudes romance and grandeur. Being slightly shorter than cathedral wedding veils, they are frequently selected by brides who desire the impression of a trail without actually having one.

If your gown doesn’t have much of a trail or you want to save the trouble of bustle, a chapel-length veil can provide the illusion of a trail without adding more weight. This style is quite trendy among bohemian brides.


  1. Cathedral Veil


A cathedral wedding veil is the longest veil variety that will give an entirely royal image to any lady who decides to wear one on her special day.

A cathedral veil is often adorned with lace around the borders for dimension and density to retain its structure as you are walking down the aisle, adds an amazing fairy-tale flair to your ceremony.


  1. Waltz Veil


A waltz veil is a less traditional wedding veil than a cathedral-length veil since it is slightly shorter in length. This veil style is often referred to as a ballet veil or an ankle-length veil. The names ballerina veil and waltz veil date back refer to times when the newlyweds’ dance was an essential part of the ceremony. Since this veil is lighter, you may wear it from the wedding to the reception without fear of stumbling.


  1. Mantilla Veil

A mantilla bridal veil adds a classic, elegant accent to your dream wedding day ensemble. This Spanish-style oval veil has a thick lace edging and elaborate decorations flowing down the front, that’s generally thrown over the head, surrounding the bride’s face.

A mantilla veil is a one-tiered veil with no gathers. We stitch a clip to the top of the veil so that it can be placed on top of the head. Mantilla veils are also known as Spanish veils.

At Exclusive Alterations, we offer a wide range of wedding veil adjustments, from trimming to adding volume and matching the veil to the style of your dress.


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