Finding the perfect lingerie for your wedding day

Your bridal gown is one of the most important pieces of apparel that you will ever buy.  It signifies the day that you are joining your life with someone else’s, which is pretty big thing.

However, many brides often do not consider their lingerie for their wedding day. 

Improper underwear might detract from your dress and your look on your big day, and whilst it isn’t as fun as finding and fitting your perfect wedding dress, it should still be on your list of to do’s.  The last thing that you want to see are noticeable straps, wrinkles, or bumps.

Here are some tips to consider when shopping for your bridal lingerie.

Purchase your Dress First

At Excusive Alterations we recommend choosing your perfect gown first and then finding the perfect undergarments. Take a selection of underwear with you while fitting wedding dresses so that you can have a good idea of what would work best.

Use your fitting appointment to decide what sort of lingerie suits you and your body best, and make sure that you are comfortable in it. When you see the gown on your body and know what alterations need to be made, you will understand more about what sort of base undergarments you need.

After this, schedule a meeting with the lingerie retailer. Remember to snap a few pictures of your wedding gown to show them. In most cases, you won’t need to bring your actual gown.

Bridal Underwear

The type of lingerie that you should purchase is always dependent on the type of wedding gown tha t you choose. Consider your bridal underwear alternatives in three main categories: shapewear, classic, and seamless.


Dresses that draw attention to specific body parts may require appropriate shapewear. Bridal underwear should only fit your body like a glove as well as fit with your style. As a result, the Exclusive Alterations experts recommend a nude colour that complements your skin tone.

Fortunately, there are more attractive alternatives for shapewear, so there is no need for you to settle for nude-coloured cycling shorts.


Brides-to-be can experiment with their wedding lingerie by wearing larger or thicker-fabric dresses. If the bride has room under her gown, we advise her to express herself and opt for something that makes her feel fantastic.


Slim-fitting dresses or dresses made from a single piece of fabric often require underwear that is flat and smooth against your skin.  A nude-coloured thong is appropriate, but brides should not feel limited to one option. 

In most cases, a bride-to-be can opt to wear a plain lace thong without issue, just make sure it’s made of seamless flat lace.

Slimming Lingerie 

Waist contour undergarments are a popular item amongst brides searching for bridal lingerie that match their gown. It is the perfect solution if you feel confident about other areas of your body, but want something that will allow you to eat your meals while still remaining relaxed. You may choose to wear your slimming underwear with a corset or waist-cinching undergarments.

Corset Shapewear

It is hard to hide a corset under most textiles, but shapewear with waist control gives the same effect without the effort of attempting to conceal your underwear. Instead of a bra, consider donning a bodysuit. A bodysuit under your wedding gown will give full coverage and, depending on the level of control provided, can tighten your waist similarly to a corset.  

Finding the Right Bra

We recommend that our brides wear their dresses braless. It is better to have cups stitched in, or go fully cup-free.

Experts at Exclusive Alterations will assist you in choosing the right accessories and underwear for your bridal dress.

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