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How Long Does a Tailoring Appointment Typically Take at Exclusive Alterations?

When planning to have garments tailored, understanding the time commitment required is essential for scheduling and managing expectations. At Exclusive Alterations, known for their expertise in London tailoring, the duration of a tailoring appointment can vary based on several factors. Here’s what you can expect:

1. Type of Alterations Needed

The complexity and type of alterations you need are the most significant factors in determining the length of your appointment. Simple adjustments, like hemming a pair of trousers or taking in a shirt, may only take a few minutes of fitting time and can be completed within a few days. More complex alterations, such as resizing a suit or restructuring a gown, require longer fitting sessions and more detailed work, which might take several weeks to complete.

2. Initial Consultation and Fitting

Your first appointment at Exclusive Alterations will include a consultation and fitting session. This is when the tailor assesses your needs, takes your measurements, and discusses your preferences and the possibilities for your garments. Typically, this initial consultation can take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the number of items you bring and the specifics of each piece.

3. Follow-up Fittings

For more intricate alterations, you may need to attend one or more follow-up fittings to ensure the garment fits perfectly. Each of these sessions can last from 10 to 20 minutes and are essential to achieve the best results.

4. Final Adjustments and Pickup

Once the alterations are nearing completion, a final fitting is usually scheduled to make any last-minute adjustments. After this, your garments will be ready for pickup. The tailor will confirm that everything meets your expectations, and you can schedule a time to collect your newly altered items.


The total time from your initial appointment to the final pickup at Exclusive Alterations can range from a few days for simple alterations to several weeks for more complex changes. Planning ahead and communicating clearly with your tailor about your needs and deadlines can help ensure a smooth tailoring experience.

Visit Exclusive Alterations for top-notch London tailoring services that cater to your precise needs and timelines, ensuring your garments are perfectly tailored to your specifications.

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