How your suit trousers should fit

We have already discussed how your suit jacket should fit, now we take a look at the perfect trouser fit for your suits.  Gentlemen often ignore how their trousers fit, and do not realise that this is just as important for your look.

On the rack options often ignore wide leg trousers that some gentlemen need, leaving little other options but to have it tailor-made.

Here are some tips on getting the perfect trouser fit for your body:

  1. The Waistband

The waistband should, ideally, sit only slightly higher than your casual pants.  It is a personal preference for each person, but having it sit between your hips and navel is the best for a sleek look.  Those individuals who prefer trousers that sit higher, should consider pleated trousers to make your hips feel more comfortable.  Your waistband should sit snugly on your body, but not so tight that it pulls and creates horisontal creases.  On another note – if the trousers fit too loosely, your waistband will sag.

  • Seat

The seat of your trousers should fit flat and nicely against your posterior.  If it is too tight – horisontal lines will appear across the material and increase the likeliness of an embarrassing split trouser.  If it is too loose – excess material will be baggy at the bottom of the posterior and behind your thighs.

  • The Trouser Leg

The cut of your trouser leg should generally be in accordance with that of your jacket.  A slimmer cut on your jacket should match with tapered trousers.  A more traditional cut jacket should be matched with wider, straighter trousers.  Whatever you choose, your trouser leg should frape smoothly with minimal creasing of the fabric.  If it is too tight, the material will pull against your body and there is a risk of tearing or splitting.  If it fits too loosely, the excess material will be untidy and baggy.

  • Length

Trousers should fit neatly with no more than one singly soft break at the front of the bottom of the leg.  How can this be achieved?  Through different lengths, only depending on the cut of the trousers.  A traditional cut can, under normal circumstances, be taken down longer.  A tapered cut is more likely to be shortened, so they normally just cover the top of the shoe.

Trust the team at Exclusive Alterations to guide you into a perfectly fit suit for your body.

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