Men’s velvet blazer: Top 3 colours for formal wedding attire

The velvet blazer is the embodiment of luxury formal wedding apparel. The smooth texture of the cloth shimmers through any ceremony, whether held in the day time with the sun or at night with twinkling fairy lights. When choosing this cloth, the groom must be open to use of various textures. The majority of blazers will be worn with a contrasting black suit lapel, cuffs and buttons ok the sleeves, with a waistcoat made out of satin and dark wool trousers to complete the look.

The question still remains – what is the best colour for classic wedding attire?

There are a number of options at play here that all feed into the theme of the wedding and the groom’s personality.

There are three classic choices when it comes to the velvet jacket.

1. The Classic Black Velvet Jacket

For the sleek and distinguished finish, this jacket is your best option. This jacket is subtle, for the traditional groom that wants to be sleek and chic on his big day. This jacket should be paired with high gloss accessories and patent shoes to create a good impression.

2. The Forrest Green Velvet Jacket

A traditional British green velvet jacket is not only a dapper and elegant choice, but it is also the most flattering options for all body shapes and complexions. This colour works the best for a garden wedding, adding a luxurious touch to the celebration.

To add an extra touch, you can opt to finish off the jacket with contrast black satin lapels, a black waistcoat and trousers, an ivory pocket square and metallic lapel pin. This wil surely create a lasting effect.

3. The Maroon Velvet Jacket

If you are a groom that wishes to make an outstanding statement on your wedding day, your choice should be a maroon velvet jacket. This colour is the most versatile – you can wear it in both formal and informal settings, such as the traditional church or the more contemporary garden wedding.

The choice of maroon also compliments more colours than its green and black counterparts, seeing as you can go for dark maroon or navy satin trimmings on the lapels, waistcoat and trousers.

Whatever the style of your wedding may be, there is a velvet jacket for every occasion. What you choose is ultimately your choice as the groom. Choose the experts at Exclusive Alterations to help you choose the best outfit for your wedding day.

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