Are there Sample Dressmakers in London?

Are there sample dressmakers in London? The answer is yes, there are sample dressmakers in London, but what in this instance does ‘sample’ mean? A ‘sample’ dress or suit is one produced in the initial stages of the bespoke or made-to-measure process. Bespoke meaning 100% handmade from an original pattern whereas made-to-measure garments are created from an existing pattern. Both techniques require the attention of a talented tailor. So, back to the definition of ‘sample dressmakers’, it makes perfect sense for a tailor to work with a prototype, the embryo of a masterpiece using, in the initial stages, less expensive fabrics tacked together to form the blueprint for the finished article. Sample dressmakers in London are usually ‘top tailors’ with an established track record of creating exquisite garments for all genders.


Exclusive Alterations London is one such accomplished tailors in London, offering a total solution for all your tailoring requirements. We employ experienced and skillful tailors who use only the finest materials in the creation of perfect attire. At Exclusive Alterations London, we fully understand the need for all our finished garments to look great and, just as important to, feel comfortable. An eye to detail and an understanding of every client’s requirements are priorities of any good tailor; the one-to-one liaison between client and tailor is an essential element in the tailoring process that culminates in absolute perfection.


Exclusive Alterations London use only the best fabrics in all their tailoring creations, no matter whether that be for bespoke, made to measure clothing, or in the alteration of suits and dresses. Among other exclusive services, we are specialists in bridal, ladies and men’s alterations. Our wedding dress fitting service is particularly popular, and understandably so, we work to high standards. Alterations to dresses, suits etc. makes for good sense; why discard perfectly serviceable clothing?  So, before condemning your whole current wardrobe to charity, check out all the services offered by Exclusive Alterations London.


In conclusion, an experienced tailor can breathe new life into ill-fitting or damaged attire; often recreating something even more elegant than could ever be imagined. And, it need not cost a fortune! Perhaps only minor alterations are necessary in order to restore that razor sharp look. Tell us your requirements via our ‘contact’ link, we will listen and advise accordingly.

Sample dressmakers in london


Exclusive Alterations London, a friendly for first-class tailoring and specialist in bridal, ladies and men’s alterations; please browse our site and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

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