Satin Wedding Dress Alterations

Find the perfectly fitted satin wedding dress is a challenging task for any future bride, since every woman’s measurements are different.  It is due to this that it is nearly impossible to purchase a satin wedding dress without the need for alterations.  On top of this, satin is a very delicate fabric that needs to be handled with the utmost care.

First, the experts at Exclusive Alterations will take your measurements with a fabric tape measure, and then compare them to the dress’ dimensions, and decide then how much alteration is necessary.  We will also make a note of any seams that are too tight or too loose, or of hems that are too long or short.

When we adjust the hem, we place pins in an equal line around the hem of the dress.  The satin dress will then be lightly ironed to create creases where the hem line will be.  Steaming is avoided, as this may leave water stains on the dress.

Darts are removed from a satin dress by the use of a sea ripper.  This prevents the cloth from jamming the machines on which the alterations are done.  Next a hemmer foot is used to create three-to-four-inch straight stitches.

A seam gauge is used to determine how much extra length has to be removed to shorten the hemline of the satin wedding gown.

If the dress is too short, it needs to be taken in two or three sizes for proper fitment.  If the waistline is too long, it needs to be taken in three sizes.

Satin is a difficult fabric to work with, so the bride-to-be needs to ensure that it fits her nicely before she purchases it.  As a general rule; don’t buy wedding gowns that are too big.  Altering a wedding dress due to it being too large can be expensive in the long run, and if it is satin, even more so.

If you want to alter a satin wedding dress, it is vital to be aware of what to expect during the process of alteration.  The expert team at Exclusive Alterations will give you all the needed information about your wedding dress alterations.

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