Should you wear a bowtie or a necktie

Are you going to an event? Do you have a necktie and a bowtie? Not sure which tie you should wear? Don’t fear, we are here to help you decide! If you already have an outfit picked out, your outfit will dictate which one to wear. There aren’t necessarily neck wear rules to follow, except for a few very specific situations that we will be mentioning. The main thing to consider is the level of formality of the event you will be attending.

For formal events such as black tie events or those that require you to wear a tuxedo, a bowtie would do it. It is also better to rather be over dressed than under dressed. Although bowtie’s are best for formal wear, you can wear them for casual events too if you’re comfortable doing so.

Neckties are great for more casual and laidback events or when you’re wearing a suit to the office. They are generally the go-to neck wear that people choose at most events.

Here are the rules to bear in mind when in certain situations:

  1. Suits are generally more casual whereas a tuxedo is more formal. You can pair a necktie with a suit and a bowtie with a tux.
  2. Pleated shirts are generally designed with button studs. They’re often times worn with a tuxedo and are considered formal. Wear a bow tie in this scenario.
  3. Formal events or events that have a very specific dress code like black tie events, it is best to wear a bowtie.
  4. Black tie optional, creative black tie, casual, semi formal events are better off with a neck tie. When selecting a tie, stick to black silk or satin and keep it plain or a simple black and white pattern.

These rules are not set in stone and truth be told, there isn’t a truly right or wrong way to go about it when it comes down to your choice and comfort. Neckties are more commonly worn with suits, however if you want to stand out, you will make a bigger impact with a bowtie.

However, if you are still struggling to make a choice, you can get away without having to wear either one. When you’re wearing a tux at a super fancy event and you get the go-ahead, just wear a turtleneck. Although we would not recommend this for formal or black tie events like weddings. When wearing a suit, you can go for the casual look with your top button unfastened or you can go for a fully unbuttoned shirt for the trendy “air-tie” look.

No matter which neckwear you end up choosing, your suit or tux needs to fit well for you to look your absolute best. At Exclusive Alterations, we can help you look and feel your best in your suit or tux for any event! Contact us for any additional information or to come see us for a fitting.

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