The Exclusive Alterations Guide – 5 Most Popular Types of Long Wedding Veils

After the bride has chosen the wedding dress of her dreams, the next choice is the wedding veil. It is the final touch, the one that will complete the look.

Here are the five most popular types of long wedding veils for traditional church wedding ceremonies.

1. The Church Veil

Also known as the chapel or the congregational veil, this classic piece simply oozes with elegance. They are a bit shorter than cathedral veils, so they are normally worn by ladies who want to have the appearance of a trail without really having one. It’s popular amongst boho brides.

2. Fingertip Veil

This type of veil looks good with almost every kind of dress, which is why it is a popular option for brides. It isn’t as long as the church veil, and only reaches the end of your fingertips, hence the name.

It also looks stylish when paired with floral dresses or crystal hairpins.

3. The Cathedral Veil

This type of veil is the longest option available, giving the bride wearing this a regal look.

A cathedral veil can be embellished with lace around the edges for depth and density in order to preserve its shape when one walks down the aisle.

4. Waltz Veil

Also known as the ballerina veil or the ankle-length veil, a waltz veil is shorter than a cathedral veil. It is referred to as the ballerina and waltz veil, because it comes from a period where the brides’ dance was a very important element of the wedding.

Due to this veil being lighter than the others, a bride may wear it from the ceremony to the banquet without fear of tripping.

5. Mantilla Veil

Also known as a Spanish veil, this veil is a one-tiered veil that loans a traditional touch to your perfect wedding dress. Made from either lace or lace-edged Organza, the veil has a thick border and embellishments running down the front.

At Exclusive Alterations we offer a broad variety of bridal veil alterations, from reducing the length to increasing volume and adjusting the veil to the design of your dress.

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