The Exclusive Alterations Guide for Groomsmen

One of the elements from a wedding that you can use more than once is the suit that the gentlemen wear. You can wear a suit more for more than one occasion, from weddings to formal gatherings at your place of work.

An item in any man’s wardrobe that breathes new life into it, is the suit.

On any wedding day, the bride is the star of the show, with the groom being her co-star. As a part of the bridal party, it is the job of the groomsmen to make the groom shine.
Here are a few tips for the groomsmen to compliment the groom.

1) Keep the outfits clean

Keep all the outfits impeccable by ensuring that they are clean, by having the suits dry-cleaned before the big day. All stains, dust, and other unsightly issues need to be taken care of.

2) The bridal party’s look should complement the wedding theme

Outfits, such as suits and bridesmaids’ dresses, are normally chosen months in advance of the big day. However, should you have to choose your outfit, you need to ensure that it gives a nod to the overall theme of the wedding.

For example, if the groom has chosen the classic black suit for his wedding, then the groomsmen need to salute this in black suits that look similar but are not identical. The groom still needs to stand out.

3) Keep the designs simple

As previously said, the groom is one of the stars of the show, and the groomsmen should not distract from his big day. Keep the designs for the groomsmen simple, classic yet modern, along with being styled in the same type of suit as the groom, to create a sense of unity. Don’t opt for contrast satin lapels or quirky design elements that will distract from the groom.

If you are the groom that has opted for a vibrant check pattern with different colours in your suit cloth, choose one of the colours for your groomsmen’s outfits that will be the key for their look.

If you do decide to go for a subtle contrast colour, you can be assured that it will give your wedding party a stylish appeal.

4) Have the outfits fitted

A suit that fits your body like a glove is one way to be assured of yourself – you will not only look good, but you will also feel good. An off-the-rack suit could look very nice, but then you should have it fitted to commend your body type. You will look great, and your groom will look better because of it as well.

Whatever styling choices you have chosen, whether you are the groom or the groomsmen, ensure that the look of the groomsmen elevates the look of the groom. All attention needs to be on the groom for his big day, and as part of the bridal party, you have to ensure that the happy couple looks and feels amazing.

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