The Exclusive Alterations Guide – Formal Fashion for Plus-Sized Ladies

There exists a common misconception that having a playful and colourful formal wardrobe is more difficult for plus-sized ladies.  This is not only untrue, but it also leads into the suggestion that only certain female body shapes can look beautiful.

Our bespoke tailors disagree with this.  We are here to assist you with alterations for your formal wardrobe.

Formal Fashion

The occasion to dress up – a ball, a wedding, an Executive Conference – is something we always look forward to.  At Exclusive Alterations, we embrace elegance, where form exudes beauty.

Your attire can be made bespoke or altered to fit your body perfectly.

It does not start and end in only one meeting, it is a counselling process that can go on for however long you want it to – resulting in a garment that nobody else could pull off successfully. It would be you, your body radiating beauty, in a place where you can use formality to embrace sophistication.

Dress Alterations

Altering a garment or turning it into something new for different events and seasons to suit your body and style is the perfect way to get your confidence back.  It is also a more affordable option for you, not to mention environmentally friendly.

If you need a consultation, or a few consultations, to get your look right for you, it is possible with the experts at Exclusive Alterations.

If you are in need of bridal gown alterations, or a custom suit, contact Exclusive Alterations today.

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