The Exclusive Alterations Guide – How to make a suit work without a tie

A suit looks its best when the clothing items that it consists of are worn together.  You can’t wear a suit jacket with pants that it didn’t come with or without the suitable dress shirt.

Likewise, a suit is not complete without a tie, because the collars and lapels of the dress shirt are frames for the tie.  Furthermore, wearing a tie adds a stylish layer to the visual appeal of your outfit, as well as adding a raised sense of authority.  This is why it is always advised to wear a tie to formal events.

If you want to portray more a rebellious or unconventional individual, you can leave out the tie and still look chic in your suit.  This is perfect for events such as cocktail parties, summer weddings, art exhibit openings, fieldwork or emergency meeting.  Politicians use this trick to ensure that they look more approachable to the public.

Here are 5 tips on how to look stylish without a tie:

  • Wear a casual suit

Classic, dark-coloured suits are the right choice when it comes to business engagements, and not wearing a tie here will make the look seem incomplete.  However, donning suits with more pulsating colours when attending casual events without a tie, makes the act forgivable.  These types of suits also have slimmer lapels and lighter options for fabrics.

  • Wear a more informal shirt

Not wearing a tie with your suit draws the attention of onlookers.  Wearing an Oxford, buttoned-down chambray or even a denim shirt ensure that the omission of a tie appears to be an intentional choice.  Choosing patterned fabrics also ensures that you outfit looks more casual.

  • Pay attention to your collar

Collars that are floppy underneath your suit jacket make your suit look messy.  That is why we do not advise wearing a shirt with collars that stretch if you are not opting for a tie.  You can keep the vertical orientation of your shirt by starching it before ironing it.  Furthermore, using collar stays or a button-down will also help preserve the shape of the collar.

  • Undo two of the buttons

Seeing as a look without a tie is not a buttoned-up look, you have to unbutton one or two buttons at the top of your shirt to project a carefree look and attitude.  In the same breath, donning a V-neck shirt is better than a crewneck, due to the fact that you can hide the V-neck underneath the suit jacket.  Don’t undo more than two button, though, as this will then cause the shirt to lose its purpose.

  • Add more accessories

Using other accessories that distract people from the fact that a tie is absent.  You can add a stylish watch or attach a lapel pin to catch the eye.  You can even opt for a pocket square, but here you should use one that is patterned rather than one that is the formal white, as long as a puff hold is used to keep it tucked in.

If you want to opt for a more casual look, ensure it fits the occasion.  Contact the team at Exclusive Alterations for advice on a bespoke tailor suit.

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