The Exclusive Alterations Guide – How to make your suit last longer

Once you have invested money in a suit, you also want to make sure that it wasn’t a waste and make it last as long as possible.

Here are some tips to make sure your suit lasts longer.


You should only clean your suit when it is visibly dirty or starting to smell – meaning that you possibly spilled something on it, or you have sweat through it.

The majority of suits are dry-clean-only, and you should not over dry-clean a garment. Dry cleaning is a chemical wash that can wear down the fabric if you do it too often. The fibre begins to weaken, and your suit will not last as long.

If your suit simply needs a “refresher”, you should have it professionally pressed. This is less expensive than dry-cleaning, and the heat and steam will eliminate most of the bacteria and clean it adequately in most cases.


It is a wise idea to steam or your suit either before or after each wear.  This means that it will return to its natural state and fit.  This can be as simple as hanging the suit in the bathroom when you take a hot shower.

If you intend to iron your suit yourself, ensure the use of a pressing cloth (which is a piece of cloth, normally cotton, between the hot metal of the iron and the fabric of the suit).  If you put the hot iron directly on the fabric, you risk scorching the fabric.


You should hang up your suit immediately once you take it off.  It shouldn’t be thrown in the hamper, over a chair or on the ground.  Instead hang it on a proper hanger with a pant bar and full shoulder.  This will allow it to keep its original shape, and help it last longer.

When storing it for a longer time (such as seasonally), you should keep your suit in a protective garment bag or plastic cover, with a cedar hanger to ensure that the moths are kept away.


You should try not to wear your suit for two days in a tow.  Just like shoes, it is a wise idea to give the garment time to fully dry and air out.


If your body changes shape and the suit is not fitting as well as it could, consider getting it altered by a professional tailor. A properly adjusted fit should not just look and feel good, it also helps a garment last for a longer time. A garment that is ill-fitting can “pull” gawkily on the fabric with movement, causing strain. Strain can lead to tears in your suit.


If a seam is ripped, it isn’t a large problem.  You could simply have one of the experts at Exclusive Alterations re-sew it together.  If a seam is ripped off, you might have to consider re-weaving, but in this case, there will be a scar left on the fabric.

If you are in need of a professional tailor, contact Exclusive Alterations today.

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