The Exclusive Alterations Guide – How to tell if a suit is ill-fitting

When going to an employment interview for a new position or attending a formal event, a suit is the vital attire that you need to own to further both your career and how you are perceived.

Even if a suit costs thousands, an outfit that is ill-fitted or ill-tailored can ruin your chances at making the best first impression.

Here are ways to tell if your suit is ill-fitting:

  1. Trousers are too long or too short

Trousers that are either too short or too long is a common problem amongst suit owners. Pants that are too long will make you look short, and if they are too short, an image of disorganisation will be created.

When your pants hit your shoes or the ground, they are too long and will become wrinkled.  If your ankles are exposed, they are too short.  If you already own a pair of long trousers, you can easily take them to a tailor and have them altered.  The best advice, however, is to purchase a pair of pants that fit you from the very beginning.  Your height is not likely to change, so your pants should always fit you like a glove.

  • Jacket shoulders are too loose or too tights

When you are perusing the jackets t your local store, ensure that the pads line up with the end of your shoulder.  The coat should be giving you a hug, and not too snugly or uncomfortably.  An extra extension or extreme tightness means that your suit jacket does not fit you properly.

You do have the option of tailoring a suit to fit you, although tailors are generally hesitant to do so. Rather than buying a cheap suit that has an improper fit, rather think of a suit as a lifetime investment, and opt for a suit of high quality that fits your body perfectly.

  • Sleeves that are too short or too long

Whether your jacket sleeves are too long or too short, neither leaves a good impression of you.  The perfect fit for sleeves is around a quarter-inch to half-an-inch shorter than your inner shirt sleeve.  If your jacket reaches your knuckles, then it will be best for you to get your jacket tailored.

Some sleeve cuffs have ornamental buttons, which are admittedly easier to customise.  Functional buttons are a bit harder to tailor, but it is still within the realm of possibility. 

In conclusion, think of your wardrobe and outfits as an investment. Don’t make the choice of purchasing a cheaper or bargain suit because it will save you money.  Save yourself the hassle of repairing your suits by investing in a high-quality suit that fits you, will ensure you create the best first impression and leaves you looking stylish at all times.  As the old saying goes – buying cheap is buying expensive.

If you are in search of a custom tailor in London, get in touch with us today to see how we can assist you.  The team at Exclusive Alterations have years of experience in creating high-quality, luxury suits.

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