The Exclusive Alterations Guide – Keep your suit pants unwrinkled

Your suit pants create an image, no matter what jacket you decide to wear.  It’s vital to look sharp for job interviews, social events and more.  Don’t forget that creating an excellent first impression is vital, and wrinkled pants will ensure that there is no chance of that.

Here are a few tips to ensure that your pants remain wrinkle free, to save yourself any embarrassment in any situation.

  1. Wear pants that are the right size

Something that most people do not realise, is that pants that are too big are prone to wrinkling.  The reason for this is that the extra lengths of the pants, even if it is just one size bigger, rests on your shoes, causing it to fold.  The solution to this, is to buy a pair of pants that fits your body perfectly.  If you are unsure of which size is best for you, ask your tailor to get your measurements.

  • Wash your pants properly

The manner in which you wash your pants will determine whether or not your pants will become wrinkled later during the day.  Whilst no pants are ever really safe from the possibility of becoming wrinkled, it is safe to follow the care lable found on your pants to wash them.  By following these rules, you extend the durability of your pants. 

  • Dry your pants appropriately

While most individuals may take special care when they wash their pants, not everyone realise that drying is not simply hanging the clothes on a line or placing them in a dryer.  This is where you should also check your care lable, it will also contain information and instructions on how it should be dried.  Not following these instructions can lead to your pants wrinkling in a way that will create a nightmare for whoever has to iron them later.

  • Have your pants dry-cleaned

This is a good choice to keep your pants from wrinkling in the first place, as well as the most effective solution to pants that already have developed plenty of wrinkling.  However, if there is not an available service near you, you can also hang the pants in the bathroom with the shower turned on at the highest heat setting.  The hot steam can be created inside the bathroom, smoothing out the wrinkles in our pants.  Another alternative is to use the steam setting to get the same results, but a lot faster.  Spraying the fabric with a de-wrinkling solution can also decrease the number of wrinkles in your pants.

By following the above guide, you can make sure that your pants are wrinkle-free, and remain that way for as long as possible.

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