The Exclusive Alterations Guide on beating the heat in a suit

If you want to leave a lasting impression on any business trip, be sure to pack your suit. Dressing with power will not only command respect, but also get undivided attentions from those that you meet. Your attire is not only a reflection of yourself, but also your company and the importance that they link to these meetings.

However, wearing a suit when your meeting is in an area with a tropical climate can be a struggle.

A black polyester suit and the sweltering summer heat is definitely not a perfect match. Instead opt for a wool suit that will allow your body to stay ventilated and cool. It is also an admittedly more comfortable option than polyester.

Here are our tips for staying cool in the summer heat.

Keep hydrated

It’s obvious that water helps to regulate your body’s temperature. Three litres per day, or roughly 13 glasses, is the recommended daily intake. It is, however, difficult to keep track of how much water you’re are taking in if you measuring it in cups. Instead, bring a one-litre bottle, fill it up, and empty it thrice.

Wear suits with open weave fabric

 Suits made from silk, wool and linen are good for air circulation and to keep you comfortable. Wool is highly absorbent and quickly dries up wetness. It’s a light fabric that’s appropriate for humid weather.

It’s also best to use silk ties to fight off the hot feeling around your neck. The fabric normally does not handle sweat well, but it’s good for smaller areas. It is, however, a breathable fabric (first used by the ancient Egyptians).

Go for an unlined or half-lined suit jacket

 The majority of jackets have an interior made of silk, making it easy to put on and take off. It might look chic, but isn’t advisable for a tropical climate. Opt for an unlined suit or a half-lined suit that will allow your body to breathe. Stay away from fabrics like polyester or viscose; their synthetic fibre linings block airflow.

The lighter, the better

The colour of your suit also determines the amount of heat that is absorbs. Darker colours absorb more heat than lighter ones. So, ditch the black suit and rather go for grey, soft blue or tan options.

 No suit, no problem

 If you don’t have a suit that’s suited for tropical weather, why not consider getting one made in London? The Exclusive Alterations team can create a tailor-made masterpiece that is perfect for you.

If you’re looking for a custom tailor in London, get in touch with us today to see how we can help! We have years of experience in creating high-quality, luxury suits that last for the long-term.

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