The Exclusive Alterations Guide to Business Casual

The idea of “business casual” came along with the choice of JP Morgan, an American Bank, not forcing their bankers to wear formal suits when in their building and place of work anymore.

The choice was an odd one at the start, with many questioning it and whether it would be seen as professional; now more and more companies are embracing the concept to make business wear not only more comfortable but also more affordable.

The basic ingredients for business casual are a navy-blue blazer, a pale blue shirt, a pair of khaki chinos, finished off with leather shoes.

How can one man stand out from the rest of it seems like everyone is going for the same look?

As is the rule with formal suits, you first need to ensure that the outfit fits you perfectly. No matter the price, a pair of trousers needs to be altered so that they have turn-ups that hug the top of your shoes.

You want to make sure you leave a good first impression whether you are sporting a formal suit or business casual attire.

Shirts also need to fit your body very well, especially if it is hardly going to be worn underneath a jacket. You should show off your body here – there is no need to be shy!

Shoes should be leather-solder loafers or derbies in brown suede or leather to keep the chic look intact. Stick to brown, though, as black shoes will look as though they do not belong.

In the spirit of the “casual” part of business casual, you can play with the idea of brown buttons and patch pockets for your jacket. It does not necessarily need to look like a suit jacket, but it does need to be double-breasted. Or upgrade your navy-blue jacket with brown horn buttons and patch pockets for your hips.

You can also opt to get some thirties-style trousers in tobacco-brown Irish linen, or khaki cotton.

You can then complete the look with a knitted tie if you are feeling rebellious.

All of the above items will look and feel better if they are bespoke. Trust the team at Exclusive Alterations to help you get the right business casual look.

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