The Exclusive Alterations Guide to Collars

When it comes to men’s attire, most of your choices are dependent on taste. When choosing a shirt, the perfect collar can make a difference. Here are 6 collars that you can choose from when looking for the right shirt.

1) Point Collars

The most common style of men’s shirt is the point collar. It is a favourite that is usually worn with a double-breasted suit, but it also works when worn without a tie and unbuttoned. It’s a style that never fails to impress and leaves a lasting impression.

2) Spread Collars

Known as one of the most versatile looks around, the spread collar was originally designed to accommodate wider knot ties, such as the Windsor knot. An angle of 45 degrees is usually formed, causing shirts, such as the Westwood, to look good with or without a tie. Paired with a blazer and skinny fit trousers, and you’ll be ready for any event.

3) Granddad Collar

This collar shirt is seen as giving you the best of both worlds. It gives the tidy impression of a tailored suit, but still leaves an air of informality. For an event where a tie is optional, a granddad collar, like the Tenby red and white, carries and elegance that’s looks effortless. It works with a contemporary suit, heritage styling, or even jeans.

4) Pin Collar

If you are an individual who enjoys accessorising, then the pin collar shirt is the right choice for you. It was first popular in the early 20th century; these shirts give off a bit of a vintage feel. A shirt like the Lynton, however, lends itself to any aesthetic. It’s a look that will hold its own almost anywhere without needing a tie.

5) Revere Collar

This collar showcases a flat “v”-form that’s normally associated with womenswear. On men it has an effortless aura. It’s a casual look that works well with shorts.

6) Penny Collar

Another option for casual wear is the penny collar shirt. This option has become fashionable thanks to some recent high-profile period dramas, and is now considered youthful, smart and a tiny bit edgy. A shirt like this doesn’t require a tie, nor is it really an option. Still, it’s tailored enough to stand its ground at any formal occasion.

In conclusion, no matter the event, your choice of collar has an impact on your success.

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