The Exclusive Alterations Guide – What to do when your dress is too big

Donning your dream wedding gown only to find that it is too big for you, might be frustrating and disappointing.  However, there are options on what you can do to make sure you not only wear the dress of your dreams, but also look like a dream.

Bust Alterations 

Safety pins usually do the trick when it comes to bust alterations.  A little cutting here and there might also be necessary.  Experts at Exclusive Alterations are careful with the dimensions, making sure that your dress doesn’t end up being too small.

We first measure the desired width for your bust, then subtract it from the current size, divide it by four, and remove the extra fabric from all four sides, and leave a little margin to attach the pieces.  Once the pieces are reattached, your dress will fit you nicely.

It is also possible to get a bust custom-made, cut and sewed to your liking.  This implied that the bust cannot be modified, and requires a seamstress with a higher level of experience.  The breast is a sensitive area, and even small mistakes could ruin the garment.

Waistline Alterations

The waist is an important feature of your wedding dress despite its simplicity, since it is there to highlight the silhouette, and there are a few customisation options.

The Excusive Alterations experts use needles and thread or safety pins to hold the waist in place, and a needle and thread to mark the fabric and sew it in.

The waistline is a place where a bulge might be visible, despite how it is to have altered.  We measure your current waist circumference to determine if that is where the problem lies.  If it is the case, we remove the extra fabric from each of the four areas and put them back together.

Belts are also a viable option for waistline alterations, being one of the more cost-effects ways to hide a larger waistline.  If you get a belt that matches the garment, you can wrap it over for a perfect fit!

If you think that your measurements might change after your first fitting, you can request, as an alternative, a zipper for a corset back.  Even though this service does come with an extra fee, the money will be well spent.

Our experts advise taking two sets of measurements six months apart for tailored wedding gowns.  

Be aware that the probability of you fitting perfectly into your sample wedding dress is limited.  

Ensure that your fitting goes well by taking the undergarment that you intend to wear to the fitting, as well as your shoes.

Contact experts at Exclusive Alterations for more information about the wedding dress alteration costs and timelines.

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