The Most Popular Types of Wedding Dress Fabrics

Wedding dress fabrics come in many different varieties and choices, so the bride’s main goal is to find the perfect one that both she and her new husband will love. While some brides choose to have their wedding dresses made from the most expensive materials available, there are plenty of budget-friendly options that still look and feel wonderful. Here is a look at some of the most popular wedding dress fabrics available today:

Satin is one of the most elegant, beautiful, and long-lasting fabric choices for wedding dresses. Although many mistake satin (a word derived from Latin meaning shiny) for a form of fiber, it really refers to the finished finish of the gown, as is true for all other fabrics. Satin can either be composed of pure silk fibers or synthetic fibers including nylon, polyester, or lace.

The term “veil” refers to a full skirt or shawl that is generally longer than floor length. This type of skirt is often seen on evening wedding dresses, such as prom dresses. A veil also can be used for daytime weddings, although it’s more common to see it on evening styles. Other wedding dress fabrics that require the use of veils are:

Tulle is made from a vine that blooms tall and beautiful flowers. Tulle comes in a variety of styles including classic romantic, contemporary, and modern. A tulle skirt or gown is often used as an accent piece or for the entire bridal ensemble.  

Chiffon is woven silk that has many advantages. It drapes beautifully and can easily go from breezy to formal depending on the weight of the fabric. Many chiffon gowns are quite light, making them appropriate for beach weddings or casual getaways. Chiffon often comes in a variety of patterns including: chenille, toile, paisley, and floral. There are many styles that look great as both an overlay and a backdrop.  

Orchid satin is a very delicate fabric that drapes beautifully. It can be used as an overlay or as the whole bridal ensemble. Orchids come in different weights including: ultra-fine, super fine, regular, and heavy. Organza is often used for wedding gowns, although it is also one of the most popular fabrics for cocktail party dresses.  

Many brides choose organza as the main fabric for their wedding gowns, since it is extremely delicate and lightweight. It tends to look just as good in a picturesque garden as it does in a glamorous setting. Many brides choose organza covered with lace as a main fabric for their wedding dresses to create a stunning fairy-tale effect.

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