Three essential suits you should have in your wardrobe

Every gentleman has to have at least one suit in their wardrobe that fits properly and adds confidence to thei persona in any setting. Here is a list of the three suits that are vital for every man to own.

The most important thing when you are purchasing a suit, is fit. An expensive suit can be a waste if the shoulder pads extend past your shoulders and your sleeves are touching your knuckles, while an inexpensive suit can appear expensive if it fits your body well.

The Wool Navy Suit

If you only have a single suit in your wardrobe, ensure that is a single breasted navy wool suit. The colour navy implies professionalism and respectfulness, both for yourself and your audience. Not to mention that the colour compliments everyone’s complexion. In this regard, labels are not as important as the quality of the materual used.

The Wool Charcoal Suit

Much like navy, charcoal is also a very versatile option, and it looks good with brown, tan, and black shoes and accessories, and can be dressed either up or down, depending on the occasion. When you are wearing a two-button suit, you should only button the top button, and never both buttons. If you decide to also purchase a waistcoat, never fasten the bottom button. Dry cleaning can damage your suit, so do this only once in a while. This type of suit also require a proper wooden hanger, not a wire hanger.

The Black Suit

A classic black suit is something that every gentleman should have in their wardrobe. The benefit of this classic choice, is that it can be worn to black tie weddings, cocktail parties, and even sober gatherings, such as a funeral. For the latter, choose a white shirt and a black tie. Save the patterns, colours and flashy accessories for a more appropriate occasion.

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