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Three Key Tips for Preparing for a Tailoring Session at Exclusive Alterations

When planning a visit to Exclusive Alterations, one of London’s premier tailoring services, proper preparation can make the difference between good and great results. Whether you’re fitting a new suit or adjusting a vintage dress, here are three essential tips to help you get the most out of your tailoring session:

1. Wear the Appropriate Clothing

To ensure that your garments are tailored to fit perfectly, it’s crucial to wear the right type of clothing to your fitting appointment. This includes undergarments, especially if you are having a dress or a fitted top adjusted. The undergarments you wear can affect the fit and drape of your clothing significantly. Similarly, bring the shoes you intend to wear with the garment, as heel height can dramatically change the way a garment sits on your body.

2. Know What You Want

Before arriving at your tailoring session, have a clear idea of how you want your garments to fit. Consider what you like and dislike about the fit of your existing clothes. If you have any preferences regarding how tight or loose you prefer your clothing, make sure to communicate this to your tailor. Bringing pictures or examples of the fit you desire can also be very helpful and provide a visual guide for your tailor.

3. Bring Necessary Accessories

If your outfit involves accessories such as belts, specialty bras, or even specific jewelry, bring them along to your fitting. These items can influence the fit and appearance of your clothing. For instance, the thickness of a belt might affect the fit of a waistband, or a certain bra might change the fit of a dress top.


Preparation is key to ensuring that your tailoring experience at Exclusive Alterations meets your expectations. By following these tips, you’ll be well-equipped for a successful alteration session, resulting in perfectly fitting garments. Exclusive Alterations prides itself on providing impeccable tailoring services that cater to your unique style and fit requirements.

Visit Exclusive Alterations for more information and to book your appointment with a top London tailor today.

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