Tips for your wedding dress fittings

Choosing and fitting your wedding dress is one of the many things that a bride looks forward to when a marriage proposal has been done.  It can be stressful and tiring, but it should not be.  It’s a reason to celebrate and have fun!

Here are a few tips when it comes to fitting your dress to make sure you get what you want for your big day.

  • Don’t be in a rush

Whenever a bride arrives at her fitting with too much stress, either due to another appointment or having to get back to work in less that 30 minutes, the result is not always as it should have been or how the bride wanted it to be.  If you want your wedding gown to fit you like a glove, find the time to book an appointment on a day that is convenient to both yourself and your tailor or seamstress.

  • Don’t do your fitting after a workout

If you go for a fitting after a workout, your gown will need to be cleaned before your big day – which is always a big no.  Not only this, but your body will be sweaty and might smell sweaty, the smell can linger on your dress, and the fitting might be difficult to do.

  • Wear your foundation garments on all your fittings

Before your first fitting, it is advised that you buy all of your foundation garments and wear to your fittings.  Your foundation garments are your underwear that you intend to wear on the big day – a bra or corset.  You may not notice and major changes in the way your body looks whenever you wear your foundation garments, but they do play a role in the way that the wedding dress fits your body.  From experience, our team can assure you that wearing the wrong bra or corset can affect the way that hem of the dress hangs.

If you have decided to wear a crinoline or petticoat, take that to your fitting as well – you want to have a good idea of the complete look for your big day.

  • Take your wedding shoes to your fitting

If you have not found your perfect wedding shoes yet, then take a pair of shoes with the same heel height of your ideal shoes.  The height of the heels will affect your posture, and your tailor or seamstress needs to take this into account to make sure that your dress fits you perfectly.  The hem is adjusted to fit your shoes, which is why this part is important in any wedding gown fitting.

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