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Exclusive Alterations London is the place to visit for wedding dress alterations in London.

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Because, effective alterations to a wedding dress requires much skill and attention; and that’s our forte. Not only do we provide excellent service but we are also extremely competitive on price, although quality is never compromised. Take your time to browse our site, read our testimonials and see our range of services; it’s not just wedding dresses, we can-alter any garment.

Please feel free to contact us with any queries, simply pick up the phone. We’ll discuss your particular requirements and if necessary book an appointment; not only could you save money but we’ll also ensure you’ll look great!

Wedding Alterations Requirements

Altering a wedding dress requires that specialist touch to transform the mundane into something spectacular. And, what’s more, it need not cost a fortune. Deft, minor alterations can make all the difference; including perhaps a little restyling, letting out, or, taking in a fraction here and there, or, maybe, the addition, or omission, of sleeves and a bustle. Furthermore, in the event of some unfortunate mishap, a good wedding dress tailor will also offer a repair service; and the best tailors will ensure that it’s an invisible repair!

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Creation of Wedding Alterations
in London

Tailoring is a multi-faceted trade, it demands a whole range of learnt skills and natural talents. Individual tailors may have a particular forte within this specialist profession. One of these niche markets is certainly the creation and alteration of wedding dresses. The wedding dress has to be beyond special, the dress has to be the perfect style and fit to compliment the contours of the bride. This requires the eye of an experienced tailor, one with that, almost indefinable, touchof magic.

Who Does Wedding
Alterations in London

London tailoring has an esteemed pedigree dating back to eighteenth century; an important era that heralded the dawn of iconic tailors.London tailors proliferated as competition increased, this was a market driven by demands for ‘quality’. Skills were finely honed as standards rose to new heights; suits were no longer simply made they were crafted by specialists, tailors with dexterous skills and an eye to style. These meticulous skills are as relevant today as they were back in the eighteenth century.


However, the contemporary tailor is faced with multifarious challenges, the demand for innovative styling is now greater than ever. London remains at the heart of the fashion industry, nowhere in the world will you find such a meld of traditional tailoring skills and contemporary innovation.


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