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What Should I Bring to My Alterations Appointment at Exclusive Alterations?

When you’re preparing for your alterations appointment at Exclusive Alterations, it’s important to come prepared to ensure a smooth and efficient fitting process. Here’s a checklist of items to bring along:

  1. The Garment(s) to Be Altered: Be sure to bring the specific garment(s) that you need altered. Whether it’s a suit, dress, or pair of trousers, having the actual item on hand will allow our tailors to accurately assess and make the necessary adjustments.
  2. Undergarments: Wear the undergarments you plan to wear with the garment once it’s altered. This includes bras, shapewear, and any other undergarments that may affect the fit of the garment.
  3. Shoes: If your garment requires alterations to the length, bring along the shoes you intend to wear with it. This will help our tailors determine the correct hem length for trousers or skirts.
  4. Accessories: If your garment will be worn with specific accessories, such as a belt or necklace, bring those along as well. This will allow you to see how the alterations will look with the complete ensemble.
  5. Any Special Requests or Preferences: If you have specific requests or preferences for the alterations, such as a particular fit or style, be sure to communicate these to our tailors during your appointment.

By bringing along these items to your alterations appointment at Exclusive Alterations, you’ll help ensure that our team can provide you with the perfect fit and style that you desire.

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