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What Should I Bring to My First Tailoring Session at Exclusive Alterations?

Preparing for your first tailoring session at Exclusive Alterations in London is an exciting step towards perfecting your wardrobe. To ensure that the tailoring process is smooth and efficient, there are several key items and pieces of information you should bring along. Here’s a handy guide to help you prepare for your appointment:

1. The Garments for Alteration

Bring the specific pieces of clothing that you need altered. Whether it’s a suit, dress, trousers, or another item, having the actual garment with you is crucial for accurate fitting and tailoring.

2. The Right Undergarments

If you are having a dress or suit jacket tailored, wear or bring the undergarments that you will wear with the garment. This includes any specialty items such as strapless bras or specific shapewear, as they can significantly affect the fit of your clothing.

3. Appropriate Shoes

Bring the shoes you intend to wear with the garment, especially for items like trousers or long dresses that require precise length adjustments. The heel height can affect the final look, so having the right shoes is essential.

4. Accessories and Complementary Pieces

If your outfit includes accessories or complementary pieces, such as belts, ties, or vests, bring them along to see how they work with the garment being altered. This helps in making more informed adjustments regarding style and fit.

5. A List of Concerns and Requests

Prepare a list of adjustments you think are necessary or any specific concerns you have about the fit of your garment. Communicating clearly with your tailor about what you want changed ensures that the final alterations meet your expectations.

6. Patience and an Open Mind

Tailoring can transform a garment, but it’s important to have realistic expectations and an open mind about suggestions from the tailor. They may recommend different alterations than you anticipated to achieve the best fit and look.


Bringing these items to your first tailoring session at Exclusive Alterations will help the tailor provide the best possible service tailored to your needs. With the right preparation, you can ensure that your garments will be adjusted to fit perfectly and enhance your overall style.

Visit Exclusive Alterations for expert London tailoring services that focus on achieving the highest standard of fit and customer satisfaction.

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