What Should I Do if I Gain Weight Before The Big Day and My Dress Does Not Fit Me Anymore

It is possible for brides to lose or gain weight before the big day, and stress can be a factor that contributes to weight gain.  It’s very normal for this to happen, and there are solutions to a bride’s dress not fitting her anymore.

We can make alterations to your wedding dress in time for your wedding day if it has become too tight. Make sure you arrange your fitting at least two weeks before your wedding and not to wait until the last minute.

  1. Release the Seams

On both side of the majority of wedding dresses, a seam allowance is around 1 inch.  The seams can be removed and re-stitched for a better-fitting dress.

Bridal gowns can be released by one dress size.  If your need is for your dress to be sized up only one size, this would the quickest and easiest way.

  • Lacing up a Zippered Corset 

Lacing up a zippered corset is one of the most reliable resolutions for you if you are concerned about your weight fluctuating before your wedding day. When we do this, we remove the zipper from your dress and replace it with loops that can be linked together with lace or ribbons.

If you gain a few pounds before the wedding ceremony, you are still able wear a lace-up corset dress since the ribbon length can be changed.

  • Using an Extra Piece of Fabric

At Exclusive Alterations, we can also an extra piece of fabric to the seam of the wedding gown to make it bigger. If you choose to do this strategy, the only challenge you’ll have is picking a material that suits your wedding dress perfectly.

How Can You Tell whether a Dress Can Be Sized Up?

A quick way to test if your wedding dress can be sized up, is to turn it inside out. A tape measure can determine how much fabric you have left after sewing a seam.

Many wedding dresses and formal garments have a large seam allowance, and it is entirely impossible to let out the seams if your seam allowance is smaller than 1/4′′. The decision is ultimately up to you, and you will have to weigh the alternatives.

To determine whether or not your dress has to be let out, think about how the dress should fit first, especially if you have opted for a sleeveless dress, you need to make sure that it fits tight enough so it doesn’t fall down.

Brides are often dissatisfied with the fit of their gown when they first put it on, but after a few hours, they no longer pay attention to it. Having never worn a wedding dress before, you may feel a bit uncomfortable at first.

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